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Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI Diesel Economy Remapping A Guide To What You Can Expect For Your Vauxhall

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For greater accuracy please use the calculator above. The following table is a rough guide:

Factory Standard Our Power Increase Our Torque Increase Your Fuel Efficiency Price
80 / 100 BHP + 30 BHP + 60 NM See Next Section Please call
Fuel Efficiency Guidlines

Most turbo diesel vehicles and some turbo petrols will see an improvement in fuel efficiency after a remap. This may be up to 20%* for turbo diesels and up to 10%* for turbo petrols. Please feel free to discuss this when you contact us.

Non-turbo vehicles will not experience an increase in fuel efficiency. However they will not lose fuel efficiency either.

More Information

The Benefits of Our Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI Diesel Economy Remapping

Your Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI has a superb engine and responds extremely well to our custom tuning and remapping technology.

In addition to the improvements listed in the table at the top of this page, your Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI will benefit from:

  • Significantly improved drivability with much more refined distribution of power and torque
  • Fewer required gear changes
  • Noticeable throttle response improvements
  • Reduced or removed fuel injection flat spots
  • Reduced or removed turbo lag / flat spots on turbo charged vehicles
  • Refined power curve and smoother acceleration
  • Reduced engine noise on some turbo diesel vehicles
  • Reduced emissions and lower carbon footprint on some turbo diesel vehicles

Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI Diesel Economy Remapping Methodology

The process takes around 2 hours and in most cases is carried out by simply connecting our equipment to your Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI’s diagnostic port.

Firstly, we download a copy of the software from your Vauxhall’s ECU. We keep a backup of this original software on our Amazon S3 Cloud servers.

Next, we test drive the vehicle with you so that we can check that there are no obvious reasons why your Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI shouldn’t be remapped. We can run generic diagnostics at this point if required. Once this is complete, we carry out the process of creating the new software version and then upload it into your Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI’s ECU.

Finally, we test drive your Vauxhall again with you to make sure that you (and we) are happy with the results.

The new software for your Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI Diesel Economy Remapping will be custom written, by our own file writers, using the original file that we copy from your vehicle as a unique starting point. This ensures that all vital vehicle data are retained and that the new software is tailored exactly to your vehicle’s existing settings and to your requirements.

Most Vauxhall’s do not require any removal of parts to carry out a remap, but very occasionally we do have to remove an ECU and carry out the work directly on the ECU itself. In this case the job will take a little longer. Your technician will advise on this at the time of booking.


Pricing is worked out on a per vehicle basis and varies slightly between vehicles so please call or email for exact details.

Our prices are very competitive, but we are not bargain basement tuners tuners.

Our software is premium quality and custom written for each Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI individually. This is reflected in our (very slightly!) higher prices.

Quality: An Important Question

If you buy a Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI remap or tune from eBay or a franchise chain, you can save maybe £25 to £75. OK, this is a reasonable amount of money, BUT:

Is it worth risking the reliability of your Vauxhall to save such a relatively small amount of money? Or would you rather have your Vauxhall’s engine management software upgraded by a master tuner?

Warranty and Guarantee

If your Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI has covered under 90,000 miles, is well maintained with a good service history, it will be covered by our mechanical and electrical breakdown warranty. Please see here for full details.

Our Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI Diesel Economy Remapping also comes with a lifetime software functionality guarantee.

For peace of mind at the time of your Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI Diesel Economy Remapping, if you are not happy with the changes we have made, the technician will return your vehicle to standard on the spot and you will not be charged.

The following services can be included with your remap at no extra cost:

Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI Speed limiter removal or addition

Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI EGR valve removal software

Please be advised, these services are not available for every vehicle, so please call to discuss your particular requirements.

Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI Diesel Economy Remapping

We are an independent, master tuning company (i.e. not part of a cheap nationwide franchise chain).

We are a UK leader in the supply and installation of Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI Diesel Economy Remapping software for increased horsepower, torque and overall driving enhancement.

Our software is not available through franchise agents. It is custom written, premium quality, engine management software.

We do not make outlandish and unbelievable claims about the power and economy gains available through our Vauxhall VIVARO 1.9 DTI Diesel Economy Remapping. We do not exaggerate the figures to win your business.

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